Being A Fanchick (Sigh) Part 1… or how I became a Marvel Zombie

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Comics
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I love all types of things.

Marvel Comics.

Film Noir

Books. All types of books.

Victorinox Luggage/Bags/Clothes/Watches (ok.. pretty much anything they make)

Star Trek (Just Next Generation)

What cracks me up nearly on a daily basis is how many people are shocked that I am a geek.

Well folks I have been like this for years. As a kid, I much rather read books on the playground of the Catholic school that I went to then playing kick ball or four square***

*** I am going to date myself a bit. That was an actual game. Not a social media platform. It involved four squares drawn on the playground. I don’t remember all the rules, but I do remember that I thought it was stupid at the time and went back to reading “Gone With the Wind” in 6th grade.

I blame a few professors (PG and JT and Teresa for encouraging me! ) and a forensics coach ( that’s you MB) back in the day for getting me hooked on comics. I mean- for all things that are good in the world, I won a state medal in Communication Analysis with a speech about Aaron McGruder’s “Boondock” comic script mashed against a communication theory about how comic strips (and by default comic books) are persuasive forms of media.

When it comes to comics- the movies and the sci fi come later on (but not much later). I totally came through to the geek/nerdom via the educational side of things. Yes I can read say…. Daredevil (which, hands down is my favorite superhero) and enjoy all the witty comments, gritty stories and beautiful drawings. At the same time. my brain is processing things on a slightly different “level” for the lack of a better word.

Don’t believe me? I have a professor that can vouch I wrote TWO- not one but TWO different papers on Daredevil. One was about the cover to issue #20 and the other was to the second story arch in the book about Echo that was written/drawn by Mack (along with issue 20 cover) .

Of course, the same professor also let me write a paper on Mark Millar’s MK4 launch. That one involved gender theory and long story short… I can prove that the Fantastic Four are representations of sexual deviancy. That’s not to discredit anyone who has ever worked on the FF book, or Stan Lee for creating the characters that he did, its just a different way of looking at things. Also- for some- supporting arguments.

That whole idea carried through a chunk of my life. When I went to Columbia College Chicago (CCC) I had to take this science class.. I don’t remember exactly what the name of the class was but it had to deal with Sex/Reproduction etc. (It was one of those semesters I was screwed on my picks for classes).

Even in that class- our final assignment had to take one of the things that we learned and apply it to the field that we were studying. So for example, a lot of the fashion kids talked about how clothes and colors pre-determine our association with gender (I completely disagree). Me? Well, I was a film major.. and producing… and a comic book geek.

I also have a number of dear friends and co-workers that are members of the GLBT community. So I did another representation thing…

Seriously go and try this.

Go pick up ANY X-men comic book, cartoon or movie. Any time you see/hear the word “mutant” substitute a minority class- race, gender, sexual orientation…. and guess what? The story still holds.

Pretty neat huh?

Oh for another class- “Legal Aspect of the Arts” (Brilliant class) I got to write a whole nice paper on the CBLDF and Gordon Lee  (may he rest in peace)  (Which, as a member of the CBLDF- i am happy to support them for cases as shocking as this one… read it here )

So am I a total nerd/geek/fanchick?

Hells Yes!

I mean- come on- there is a whole show about us geeks… but it needs more fan chicks on it (ahem.. Chuck Lorre… you listening?)



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