How Proper Planning Pays Off (or Why I love Producing Part 1)

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Comics, Movies
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D23 is this weekend and I am super excited.


Well since Marvel came under the banner of the Disney Family (and of course Star Wars) I am hoping that there are going to be same major announcements in regards to these properties. (Ahem.. are we finally going to know who voices Rocket Racoon already?)

But this nice little article over at Comicbookmovie  has an interview with Marvel President Kevin Feige who drops this bomb shell:

 “I could arguably say what we’re planning for the year 2021,” Feige tells the site. “Will that happen? I don’t know. But what we planned for 2015 in 2006 is happening.”

I really don’t think that people outside of the industry realize how much Marvel has just gone to Hollywood “screw the system. we are doing it the Marvel way” 

I mean, fans know over on the East Coast side of the company (the land of comics) they plan storylines years in advance ever since Joe Quesada was eek (Editor in Chief). If you sit down and look at what the East coast has been doing for DECADES, you see the same thing on the West Coast side of things.

East Coast Example: I have lost count how many times Spider-man has shown up in the Daredevil comic book. Or Ben Urich showing up in both Daredevil and Spider-man. Which led to a very interesting dilemma when Matt’s identity got released and Peter didn’t know that Ben knew and vice versa. Or what about the time that Murdock repped the FF in a lawsuit? or the FF was in a war in space with one of the various Avengers Teams? (I could go on and on)

West Coast Example:

Well to spare a VERY long post, for all the details take a look at the Aside of Marvel here

Ok when you look at that right there, that’s insane. In a good way.

From a producing aspect, I do not envy Mr. Feige et al in anyway shape or form. It has to be a logistical nightmare to figure out- especially with multiple locations (everywhere from LA, Albuquerque, Cleveland, London). Not only that, but with the exceptions of Terrance Howard and Ed Norton being replaced (for whatever reason), there hasn’t been a ton of recasting.

I mean, look at Samuel L. Jackson- who is also a comic book fan if you didn’t know- 4 films already. That’s not including anything else. Plus Marvel- in all their infinite wisdom and glory- got Jackson to sign a 10 picture deal to play Fury. TEN moth^(#)Q#^( ing pictures.  Even if you go back to the old Studio System days where studios owned actors lock stock and barrel, that has never been done.

Oh, but there is more.

I am not kidding.

If you feel like reading more- go to part 2!



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