Geeks Unite… But lets be nice: My bane with *certain cosplayers* (Part 2 of Geeks Unite)

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Comic Conventions, Comics, Cosplay
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I love going to comic con and seeing cosplayers. As a producer it dumbfounds me alot of time at the detail and level of quality of some of the costumes that “normal” people somehow put together.

But I do have an issue with certain cosplayers, particularly certain FEMALE cosplayers and certain MALE fans.

Let me back up a second. There has been this thing going around the circuit called “Cosplay isn’t Consent”.  (Take a look at the FB page here). The gist of this is that just because cosplayers were spandex or certain cuts of costumes does not mean they consent to sexual harassment. I am all for this. Truly, I am.

This is not exactly what today’s post is about, but you need to be aware of it. Going to numerous conventions over the years I have seen some pretty stupid shit done by pretty stupid people. I lost count how many times I have seen a dad take a picture with say, a woman dressed as Laura Croft and his kids, and he’s groping her ass. Or commentary from idiotic “press” in the industry. What bugs me about the female cosplayers can be broken down into this pin I stumbled acrossed one day.


There’s this love hate amongst the female cosplayers and the above image completely explains it. The wrath of this post comes from the Syfy show “Heroes of Cosplay”.

Toward the end of the show’s run, there was a bit with all the female cosplayers, including the queen of cosplay, Yaya Han. They are talking and even Yaya makes this big deal about the over sexualization of some female cosplayers with their costumes, but then in the same breath talks about how some woman shouldn’t wear certain costumes because they will get made fun of.

The reason I see it as a bit hypocritical is because Yaya has costumes like below.

ImageImagePosion Ivy HOC

Here’s where I agree with her. She was making a point and trying to put her “mentee” in place after this chick decided to ignore all of Yaya’s advice and sex up a steampunk version of a Poison Ivy costume (to the right of the three above) . What cracks me up is that this chick, for the entire episode is watching how she walks and sits because the back part of the costume just barely (and I mean take a breath just barely) covered her ass.

Here’s where things get murky. In my humble opinion you should be able to cosplay whatever the fucking hell you want too. I don’t think that people should starve themselves to put themselves into a costume. In an episode of HOC Yaya passes out during a photo shoot in that Jessica Rabbit costume because she had the corset pulled too tight.  I mean really? Are we as a society that obsessed with our looks that we make ourselves pass out to look like a fictional character?

Part of the problem is that there is still this- idealized Barbie type of woman- that are being drawn in comics and created for video games. That’s problem one. 90% of females don’t look like this folks, can we start going a bit more realistic? Please?

We also have this problem that we are idolizing our heros. We want to be them, look like them etc. Hey, there is nothing wrong with this. If your favorite hero is Green Lantern, then go cosplay Green Lantern, however don’t get *so* lost in the details that you are putting yourself in danger with your health. Don’t start doing steroids or purging your dinner, working out excessively to look like your hero. It’s not healthy.

My biggest beef are certain female cosplayers that I feel like are not actual fans, but are sexing up these costumes to gain the attention, much like Poison Ivy over there. Here’s a great example. Mary Jane in the Spiderman comics has been used over and over and over again, wearing a white t-shirt with a Spiderman heart on it.  The below is actual comic book art (by J. Scott Campbell) of such an instance and this is probably the most “sexualized” version that I could find out of the comics. ImageRipped up jeans, sitting in a pose that no person alive could do and drinking coffee. How do we go from the above image to the one below the actual art? I mean, really? REALLY? If I had kids with me at this convention, I would actually be pretty pissed off as a parent.



mjcosplayActually, I am pissed off at this picture in general because it just reinforces the whole Barbie-damsel in distress idea.

Am I smaller than a size 12? No I will fully admit that. But I would at least pick a costume that a) fits my personality and b) fits me correctly. What makes it worse is that there are some female cosplayers that got the costume part right but then go and do some sort of stupid sexy pose that has nothing to do with the characters or the story in anyway shape or form.




I cannot stress this next part enough.

Just because someone dresses a certain way DOES NOT mean they consent to anything.

However, does anyone but myself see where there could be confusion? When you have cosplayers like the above acting like this trying to not only gain attention, but the wrong type of attention, yeah, I could see why there would be some people thinking it is giving consent.

So to those idiots I mean cosplayers who oversexualize what they do and to the fans that encourage it. Shame on you. Stop it. Seriously. You are ruining it for everyone else that actually gives a fuck about the actual character or trying to make a kid smile because they got see their favorite character. If you want attention, then there are other conventions that involve dressing up and acting like sex robots- but they are not comic conventions.

  1. Derwin says:

    Great blog Tess. You made some great points. A great costume does not require a stripper pole. And fans should not be ashamed that they don’t look like a two dimensional drawing of a made up character.
    Btw, the Spidey / Mary Jane drawing is by J . Scott Campbell.
    Keep up the great work.


    • murdocksgirl says:

      Hey Derwin!
      Long time no see, give me a call!
      Thanks for the pointing out the error to me. I was going between the two artists and miss credited. I fixed it! You rock.



  2. […] girl shows off her body then she’s a bimbo and a slut and not worthy of respect. (The post is here, and I agreed with everything up until that […]


    • murdocksgirl says:

      I just read your post about Cosplaying etc . I would like to point out that you only showed partially what I was talking about. That particular MJ costume compared to what the original image showed is nearly a night and day difference. I see your point about kids going to the beach etc, however that is expected in those environments. Women who hypersexualize costumes FOR NO REASON (such as this MJ costume you referenced) make it worse for other cosplayers IMO, plus regurgitate the redick costumes of female characters in pop culture (your last image is my point exactly).
      I appreciate the link (if you could actually change the link to read the name of the blog and not just “here” would be great) and the criticism! I agree with you wholeheartedly, truly I do (I have a larger chest myself, so yes, I see where you are coming from). My point was the extremes that some people do either in the costumes or the poses. (Like with the MJ picture, I mean really, do you need to stick your chest out???)


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