Support Indie Artists! Support your Local Artists! (Part 2)

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Independent Art
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So you know, right now I am helping ellie sully and her dad with their web comic… just helping get the word out.

You can read it here:

I ask that if you like what you read here on Pop Zeitgeist or on Helsig Comix to please share it with your friends. Send a link to people that you think would enjoy this! You have no clue how much Ellie Sully and myself like to look at our dashboard and see people from across the globe reading our stuff.  (The other day I had 4 readers from the NETHERLANDS! how cool is that? Hello out there! )

If you hate it/love it we don’t care! TELL US! Leave comments on our blogs!

We are not asking for money just for you to help us reach an audience that may (or may not) like our creative stuff.  We love getting feedback because it helps us grow as artists.

Spare a few seconds for artists like ourselves. A simple share on your facebook or twitter feeds help us, and it only costs two seconds of your time.

You rock.



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