Geeks Unite..: VICTORY!!! (Kids, Fandoms and Bullying Part 2) (Part 4 of Geeks Unite)

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Comics
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Whoo Hoo!

I am happy for Grayson. Who is he you ask? Well you can read my original post about him here if you would like. Over the weekend I learned of the update that fellow fandom kid Grayson can bring his My Little Pony backpack to school.

Why is this a victory? Long story short, the school told HIM to stop bringing the backpack because it “triggered bullying”. Grayson’s mom yanked him out of the school saying that the district was going after the wrong child. Now the district is working with Grayson’s mom to have him return to school… including the backpack.

Hmm. This USA Today article is interesting.



It’s this line that bugs me: “We sincerely regret that the issue of being told to leave the bookbag at home was perceived as blaming Grayson”.

REALLY? I mean PR 101 tells you that there is a great chance that people would see you victimizing this kid a second time.

*shaking head* At least Grayson can have his backpack. I want to know what is happening to the kids that were bullying him.


Grayson Bruce- Kid Champion!

Also over the weekend, a dear friend of mine, who for the sake of anonymity, I will refer to as Suize, told me her child is being bullied at school. Why? Well he’s a bit of a geek. Likes to read (comics, novels, whatever he can get his hands on), like different music than the other kids, like’s  sci-fi shows and sports. I was rolling my eyes when she was telling me this. Her kid is a geek, there’s nothing wrong with this. Most kids in the day and age don’t read at all.

However, what really lit a fire under my ass about this situation was that the kids started attacking her kid because of the religion he believes. I was thinking about this as we were talking. Attacking someone (verbally or physically) for race, religion or sexual orientation is considered hate speech. While she is watching this situation closely and is ready to pounce at a moment’s notice, I am going to watch closely how the school reacts. Depending on the situation and Suzie’s permission, I might speak more in detail about it here.

We have become so politically correct as a society that it frankly makes me sick. But if a kid gets attacked for a show/comic/cartoon they like? Nothing really happens unless the social media and fandoms find out. Then its a force to be reckon with.

Part of me wants to push for us Geeks to be labeled as a protected class, but then again, I think that’s pushing the political correctness a bit too far.

At the end of the day.. can’t we just all agree we each have a passion that drives us? None of its wrong or better than others- just different. Why can’t kids understand this? Part of it is because of the lack of parenting. Part of it is also because, sadly, the parents don’t get it either.

In the words of a great history teacher, Mr. Al Nelson, “It’s not weird. It’s just different”.


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