By Day- I am a recently laid off recruiter looking for a new position. I also love being a “Superhero” Girl Friday (i.e. Awesome Assistant) with whoever I work with. I love to build processes and organize things (because I am just weird like that).

By night- I am a freelance creative project manager- which means in my spare time I like to manage creative projects- particularly films.

I love pop culture- particularly movies and comic books (and of course… comic book movies). I get into long discussions with friends and co-workers about both. Not the whole “who would win a fight- Spiderman or Batman” type of debate… but more about… Did RDJ performance in the Iron Man franchise and Avengers show signs of PTSD?

Yes because I am that weird.

MG/Murdocksgirl- Betcha wondering where that came from. I am a *huge* fan of the Daredevil Comic book. I picked that as a handle name for the fan messageboards years ago and it stuck.


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