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I really do have a love/hate thing going on with the CTA. We have the iconic Elevated trains (or as us locals like to refer to… “The El”)….


The El System, downtown Chicago.

But lately we have just been having problems left and right. For those of you not local to Chicago, there was a very bad accident involving the Blue line that runs from Forest Park in the south side up to O’hare on the Northwest side. Allegedly, a train at approximately 3 am crashed at the ORD terminal (the end of the line)  due to a conductor that is a “floater” (fills in various shifts) falling asleep behind the “wheel”.  This is one of the lines that runs 24 hours hours (or just about) because of the incoming/outgoing passengers at O’hare.

This is still under investigation, but footage as leaked of the crash :

Keep in mind that this concerns me as I live only a few a stops from there. Thank god, that this happened early in the morning. 30 people were injured (not life threatening). Could anyone imagine what this would be like say, during rush hours? Those platforms are always packed.

Not only that but this follows another incident that happened just 5 months ago in Forest Park with a run-away train that magically started out of a yard, down the tracks and crashed into another incoming train.

Oh and then there are things like this that just annoy me that happened two weeks ago:


Semi Caught under 90/94 underpass at Irving Park 3/18. Taken by Tessana Nemenski


This is a constant headache. I would say at least once a month that this happens at Irving Park. When I was working in West Lincoln Park off of North Ave and Kingsbury, I cannot tell you how many times I was late for similar incidents in that area also. I understand that maybe no one as thought to NOT have semi-trucks get off at these exits, or maybe we can’t, but it totally screws up the CTA. I actually sent an email to the CTA saying that this happens often enough that the people at the station should radio it to the trains so people don’t have to backtrack onto the train. They could just make an announcement on the trains and people could stay onboard to a neighboring stop.

Don’t get me wrong. The CTA is not the best system in the world, but its far from the worst. I have friends out in LA who say they would love to have the problems they had while going to school/living here in Chicago. When I have friends come in from out of town, we have to make a mandatory trip on the El around the Loop (downtown Chicago).

I’ve met alot of interesting people on the CTA (both good and bad). I use to be an avid netflix viewer on my commute to and from work, but after an incident years ago with a passenger that was high on god knows what, I stopped doing that.  A lot of times I will put my headphones in and not listen to anything but neighboring conversations of other passengers. It makes for great laughs and fodder for stories. Scourge told me this one last night and I couldn’t help but to create a post for it.

Teenager 1:

You know what would be awesome?

Teenager 2:


Teenager 1:

If someone came up with an English to Shakespeare App.

Teenager 2:

Yes that would be awesome.


*mental head slap*  hiddles

This is the type of stuff that I am talking about. There is enough of this type of things that I over heard that makes me laugh and sometimes is so bad that I loose faith in humanity.

The best time to ride the trains is when there is a comic convention in town. At random places you will see cosplayers waiting on {insert train here}

Green Ranger

People of the CTA- Go Go Green Ranger!


People of the CTA- I don’t even know what this is.

Toy Solider

People of The CTA- Where’s the Toy Store-y??? 🙂


SW on bus

Thanks to the 501st Legion page for this pic!


Special thanks to the People of the CTA and 501st Legion Websites for these pictures!


Overall, The CTA is barely tolerable. Most days its a *shakes head* type of day. But I can guarantee, all this is a “Only in Chicago” type of moments!