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Right now I am sitting on a couch next to Ellie Sully (go check out her comic here).

I have known her for now almost seven years. We first met working in the salt mines (not literally, but it felt like it) of an RPO firm on a smoke break one day. Been friends and co-workers since. She was also laid off with me back in July.

Here’s the thing, despite all the BULLSHIT going on each other’s lives (and at a couple of times, at the same time), we try to push each other to be better…. at everything. This could be being better artists or better at whatever day job we are at. Sometimes, its just pushing each other to get through the day.

So, when it comes to Ellie Sully and her dad, Gin, KM, Danny Boy and his wife, C,  or Scourge, I’ll treat them like royalty because they are ALWAYS, I cannot stress this enough, ALWAYS there to help in both good and bad times.

There are some people, and I will refer to them as Jack and Sally (not real names), who I thought were on this list and they were for awhile. Life happens, and they have fallen off the face of the planet. Some of this is for legit reasons, but before the legit reasons happened, it was a struggle to hang out with them or even talk on the phone. I was the one always reaching out and adjusting my schedule so I could see them.

That gets tiring after awhile. It really does, especially when you are struggling to deal with major problems. I was pissed (and still am to an extent) at Jack and Sally, because I felt left out of sharing certain joys with them. That was pretty much the icing on the cake with me.

Danny Boy’s wife, C, called me first after family to tell me that they were engaged. Was it probably because I introduced the two of them? Possibly, but regardless I was one of the first to find out. C got busy and dropped off radars for a little bit because of wedding planning, which is understandable. The difference between these two and Jack and Sally however is that they made sure to include me in the wedding details and invited me to the wedding. Both of them were actually apologetic at the wedding about not calling etc, which was a funny type of ridiculous.

Everyone in that list above has been trying to help Ellie Sully and myself in some way over the years. Whether it was on a project, finding a job, baby sitting etc. Sometimes its just calling and going “Just wanted to make sure you haven’t killed anyone”.

When you have a friend struggling with something- illness, depression, lack of money- you may not have the ability to help they way you want too. You don’t have a magic wand to fix everything for them (if so… please let me know!), but at the end of the day, the human condition is that we want to feel connected to someone.

Sometimes its the simplest things that you can do to cheer someone up or help them out. Just hanging out and talking over coffee, inviting them over for dinner and a movie. Nothing fancy, just pizza and a dvd! Maybe you are busy yourself, call them- check in and day “hi”… let them vent about whatever is bothering them. Sometimes they just need to be in your general presence and that cheers them up. If you have a few extra bucks, buy them something they like that they can’t afford now (like a comic book… thanks Scourge!).

Like today, sitting on a couch with Ellie Sully as we both goof off online between cleaning her apartment and listening to Animainiacs.

These are the people that you need to cherish and take care of in your life. At some point, they will go through a bad spell and you can help them out.

Hopefully, there is a point where everyone can take a break from the hard times and enjoy a happy moment- like a baby shower, a wedding, a birthday.