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So you know, right now I am helping ellie sully and her dad with their web comic… just helping get the word out.

You can read it here:

I ask that if you like what you read here on Pop Zeitgeist or on Helsig Comix to please share it with your friends. Send a link to people that you think would enjoy this! You have no clue how much Ellie Sully and myself like to look at our dashboard and see people from across the globe reading our stuff.  (The other day I had 4 readers from the NETHERLANDS! how cool is that? Hello out there! )

If you hate it/love it we don’t care! TELL US! Leave comments on our blogs!

We are not asking for money just for you to help us reach an audience that may (or may not) like our creative stuff.  We love getting feedback because it helps us grow as artists.

Spare a few seconds for artists like ourselves. A simple share on your facebook or twitter feeds help us, and it only costs two seconds of your time.

You rock.



One of the things that has been tying up my time the last few weeks is helping Ellie Sully and her dad.

Some of the best stories that I have seen have come from “artist alley” at comic convention. This is no slight to the big boys like Marvel and DC but there is just something….. different about Indie Comics.

IC comes across as more personal, more raw. It’s much like indie film. Is it all good? No, but when you find a diamond, it becomes one of those things you want to keep to yourself and not share- in a weird demented way.

However, indie art cannot survive without a little help. Alot of people that do indie comics have day jobs elsewhere. Would they love to be doing art 24/7 and still be able to pay the bills? For a majority of us, that’s the goal. We don’t necessarily believe the ideal that I call the “San Diego Sundance Syndrome” (S4 for short).

Years ago, back in the 1990’s the Sundance Film Festival was the place to go for indie filmmakers. There were a lot of distribution deals made over late night parties and dinners. That’s really not the case anymore, but it still doesn’t stop people from trying.

Since Hollywood has made San Diego Comic Con more of a PR junket than anything, all indie comic artists think that “Oh, if I could get my table in Artist Alley at San Diego, I could get picked up by a major publisher or maybe even a movie studio”.

Hence, S4.

To be quite frank, I would like to be able to have my own business, where it is myself, Ellie Sully and others making art. All day long- comics, movies, spoofs, photos- whatever our heart desires at the moment, but at the same time, we all have enough money to cover the rent etc.

In this day and age, indie art is really struggling. People are more fiscally conservative- which is understandable. Guess what? You can still help without spending a dime. Share their work (legally!!!!!) with others that you think would enjoy it.  Direct people to their websites. Maybe, when you have the money, throw $10 down for a t-shirt or a kickstarter fund.

One of my fellow creatives, Danny Boy, has the following in his email tags “Necessity is the mother of invention”. That’s true, even in the creative world.

So with that being said…. please go take a look and subscribe to Helsig Comix . This is a story that Ellie Sully and her dad started as a joke to tease Ellie’s son… and like everything else … it just snowballed. It’s a great little story that they would like to share with the world.

New Episode every Saturday.

@HelsigComix on Twitter to get behind the scenes type of information (and Ellie’s random funny stuff).

If you are on Pintrest, please look for me (MurdocksGirl) and follow my “Geek-Helsig Comic” Board.

Thank you!